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EZ Appliance Repair Services Inc expert technicians are the solution if the laundry machine is not working! Is the unit making a squeaking sound when it spins? Is it not draining or spinning? No matter what problem the unit is having, our friendly staff can complete any washer repair in Los Angeles. We only repair and do maintenance and offer professional washing machine repairs for over 20 years. Our technicians have all necessary equipment and replacement parts to fix washers and dryers during the initial visit. Contact us in all cases of a faulty unit and settle all washer problems once and for all.

Same Day Washer Repair Company In Los Angeles By EZ Applicant Repair Inc

We have the best resources to provide washer and dryer repair services as easy and convenient as possible by fixing all models and brands.

If Experiencing Any Of The Washer Problems Listed Below, We Recommend Contacting Our Friendly Trained Office Staff For The Same Day Appointment:

  • Doesn’t Spin
  • Doesn’t Run
  • If your unit under-fills
  • Multiple problems such as (Vibrates, Shakes, or Moves etc..)
  • Water Temperature is Incorrect
  • Washer Leaks
  • If your washer Overfills
  • Doesn’t Rinse Properly
  • Doesn’t Agitate
  • Tub Doesn’t Spin
  • Clothes are Still Dripping After Spin Cycle is finished

Same Day Los Angeles Washer Repair Service Company

No matter of what type of household or commercial washing machine is possessed, our factory trained and licensed technicians have the knowledge and practice to complete all necessary tasks. We have the equipment and experience to solve laundry machine break down problems from not spinning or not draining to noises or even not turning on at all. Upon running state of the art diagnostics and troubleshooting systems, our technicians will pin point the problem, perform complete fix, and make sure that unit will perform at its highest grade.

Local Washer Repair Technicians in Los Angeles by EZ Appliance Repair Inc

Free estimates are guaranteed if the repair is completed. Before any kind of service is being performed, technician will diagnose the unit and provide a free fix estimate. Clients receive first-class service and quality, and our company over time was able to generate a huge list of authorized part dealers to make sure that we beat all of our competitor’s prices. We always take great care of clients and washer repair needs!

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Service includes all major home and commercial brands including GE, Maytag, Samsung, Kenmore and Frigidaire, Bosch, Electrolux, LG and so on. When experiencing problems with a malfunctioning unit, please don’t hesitate to call us. We completely eliminate all washer related issues: large and small. No need to wait anymore! Pick your phone and call to receive a free estimate!

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Reviewer: Ben Foster

Their service is prompt and fast. Every time I contacted them , I got quick service , low prices and quality work. I never have to call them unless some other appliance breaks down. Very happy with this company. Thanks EZ!