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One of the valuable appliances in the kitchen is a trash compactor. Get in touch with our trash compactor repair in Los Angeles experts today for fast service. It does all the dirty work for us when we are done cooking, serving and eating the food. All leftover food products are disposed after we finish our meals. Many of us just don’t know how to fix the problem unit breaks down. If you notice trash compactor out of order, try turning the start key. No response from the unit? Don’t’ forget to check if the device is correctly plugged in into the electric outlet. Check the electric fuse and make sure that it is in the correct working condition. When turning the start key, many users tend to overturn and apply too much pressure on the lock. In this case, replace the entire component. One of the major trash compactor break down problem is when the motor is defective or burned down. Immediately unplug the unit from the wall socket and get the professional help from EZ Appliance Repair Inc Services Inc technicians. Don’t stress yourself in trying to repair the appliance. All manufacturers strongly recommend that qualified expert should handle all mechanical malfunctions of the unit.

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Hazards may be encountered when improperly adjusting or disassembling trash compactors. An electric shock may occur if attempting to incorrectly disassemble the unit. If user chooses to perform all repairs independently, all manufacturers will not cover any damages or personal injuries that may occur as a result of sketchy work. When using appliance heavily a door problem may appear. In most cases door latch may be the issue, but if the door does not close or open, try disconnecting the unit and resetting the controls. If given unit is experiencing following problems listed below, we strongly recommend contacting our experts at EZ Appliance Repair Inc Services Inc today for the same day service!

We Can Fix All Trash Compactor Problems. Some Of The Trash Compactor Break Downs Are Listed Below:

  • Will not run
  • Runs continuously
  • Makes humming sounds
  • Starts in reverse cycle
  • Drawer does not open
  • Lacks pressure
  • Does not compact items
  • Defective upper limit switch
  • Not working motor
  • Loose connection
  • Broken gearbox
  • Derailed chain
  • Burned down fuse
  • Not compacting
  • Flash error lights

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Before performing any kind of repairs, disconnect the unit from the electrical socket. Remove both: back panel and the key switch. Next step is to unhook the ground wire, which is attached to the cabinet. In order to correctly disassemble the unit, a special set of tools is needed. Control panels are the electric components, which control all of the functions and literally acts like a brain to the unit. EZ Appliance Repair Inc specialists are aware of these types of issues with the electric components. Therefore, we make sure to have all necessary factory produced tools and parts to be available for our technicians who will fix all broken trash compactors for the clients. Our services are always here for you! It is very hard to trash compactor repair the unit if a person who is trying to repair it does not have enough experience and special training. Our factory trained and states licensed technicians have an extensive experience dealing with broken trash compactors. Our team is ready to attack and resolve any problems that you unit might experience. Let our experts repair your unit and do the best job for you! All of our work is covered by the parts and labor warranty plan. Our clients always feel safe when we do work for them and we build our trust by being the long-term appliance repair company!

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