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EZ Appliance Repair Inc provides professional microwave repair in Los Angeles, no matter what obstacles are. We employ factory trained and licensed technicians who can repair and maintenance all brands and all models of microwaves. Lowest possible cost and highest quality is our motto. We do not charge for the estimate if we complete the job. No extra charge for nights, holidays, or weekend appointments. Early bird appointments starting at 7am are available for client convenience. All estimates have lowest cost guarantee policy protection.

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We teach clients about how they can extend the top performance of microwaves. We strongly recommend clients to not perform repairs on any units independently by themselves. All microwave repairs need to be done by licensed professional technicians who have the correct equipment to provide proper service. In addition, electrical appliances can be hazardous for anyone who is trying to handle the problem on their own with luck of knowledge and expertise. For quality factory trained and licensed microwave repairs call us today. The best choice to fix your microwave is pick up a phone and call us. Since it is highly unlikely that the average homeowner will have the ability to fix their microwave oven, call our company and save your current unit.

EZ Appliance Repair Inc Provides Service For All brands, Types And Models. Below Are Listed Few Commonly Known Issues:

  • Microwave touch pad is not working
  • Turn table is not turning
  • Magnetron is not heating
  • Internal light bulb burned out
  • Loud and disturbing sounds
  • Device door is not opening
  • Unit door button stuck
  • Burned fuses
  • Sparks igniting while running device
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    Want to keep your self from cleaning your microwave? An easy way out is to just cover your dishes and keep your unit splatters free. Another helpful tip is to use a paper towels when a more free cover is needed. Make sure to use a correct dish top when using the unit to cook. If glass shelf is not included at the time of purchase, paper plate or a paper towel placed under the food directly on the bottom will keep the unit clean.

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    Wiping down microwave to remove all bacteria is strongly recommended by all manufacturers. Wash inside of the unit on a regular basis with room temperature water and manual will explain which detergent to use and then rinse and dry using a clean paper towel. Always try cleaning around the door and keep the door open during the cleaning process. If the do-it-your self cleaning process or repairing process is unsuccessful, we strongly recommend contacting our professionals by calling microwave repair today!

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    All user manuals indicate not to use any metal plates or pans or even aluminum foil when using microwaves. Not too long ago, specially designed metal cookware only for microwave use was introduced and was available to all consumers around the world. This cookware is safe to use as long as all listed instructions are followed. We strongly recommend learning the instructions that are included with each microwave. As we mentioned in the previous statement, microwaves are very unique devices!

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    If you feel like your attempts in repairing your microwave are unsuccessful, don’t wait any longer and schedule a service call. We will service it with highest quality and the lowest price guaranteed!

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    Reviewer: Jennifer Levinson

    Suddenly microwave in my office stopped heating our food. When we contacted EZ Appliance Repair, we were surprised with the level of knowledge and expertise these guys offered me over the phone. All of my questions were answered and Nick offered me a 10$ off the labor discount for being a new client. Our tech was very professional and experienced. Also, he checked out our dishwasher free of charge and recommended to have it cleaned with special detergent. I am very satisfied with the way this company operates. Thumbs up! I will contact again if my personal appliances fail to operate!