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LG appliances are made by LG Electronics, and the company embraces innovation and technology. In fact, the company focuses on developing environmentally friendly state-of-the-art products that are also user friendly and designed to meet the real needs of consumers based on actual lifestyles.

Same Day LG Appliance Repair Service In Los Angeles

The quality appliances for the home include LG washers, LG dryers, LG refrigerators, LG ovens, LG cooktops, LG stoves or LG ranges, and LG dishwashers. All of the appliances are designed to be stylish and intelligent, and both of these qualities set LG home items apart from the competition. LG enjoys applying technology to everyday use appliances and it’s no more apparent than in its washing machines and cooking appliances. Our technicians are always ready to be dispatched to your location to repair (323) 920-0411 any mentioned appliance produced by LG and any other brands that are available in today’s appliance industry.

LG Washer Repair Service In Los Angeles

LG washing machines include front load and top load styles, steam and washer/dryer combinations. Most of the machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, but LG took technology a step further. You can buy a washer that has a ColdWash feature which saves as much as 60 percent energy use. The company promises the same results achieved with a hot water wash but using cold water. Some of the front load washers have the 6Motion technology that means each wash cycle uses 6 wash motions to get clothes cleaner. Steam washers use less water than conventional washers and can efficiently remove odors, wrinkles and dirt. There are numerous washer sizes and styles and each is loaded with LG technology. To preserve the condition and the ability to see a high performance LG washer, contact us today for a FREE WORK ESTIMATE (800) 350-0224.

LG Dryer Repair Service In Los Angeles

LG dryers are quiet and are sold in many different sizes, and all are dependable. Easy to use, the dryers are able to dry clothes at a rapid rate. You can own a dryer with an extra large tub, TrueSteam Technology, steam fresh cycle, stainless steel drum, EasyIron Option, electronic control panel and much more. The clever front load washer and dryer combo is a single unit that does not require external venting and so takes up half the space of traditional washer and dryers sets.

LG Refrigerator Repair Service In Los Angeles

LG refrigerators also offer plenty of technology including the Smart Cooling Plus technology that works through digital sensors that maintain perfect humidity and temperature. The interior space is organized to make it easier to find food and drinks and includes tiered freezer drawers and Glide N Serve double crisper drawers. The ice and water dispenser is able to handle a pitcher. The compressor is so reliable and durable that it comes with a 10 year warranty. Here at LG Repair Los Angeles, we always stand behind our work and cover all labor and parts with a warranty that are used during the repair process. If you have any questions or requests for your repair, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at (800) 350-0224.

LG Oven Repair Service In Los Angeles

Of course, the LG Appliance Repair in Los Angeles line includes free standing ranges, wall ovens, and cooktops. Ranges or stoves are sold in standard and large capacity sizes and many models have the IntuiTouch scrolling display. You can even buy styles with 5 elements. The single and double wall ovens also have many advanced features. Ranges, stoves and ovens have features like a hidden bake element for easy cleaning, convection oven, and much more.

LG Cooktop Repair Service In Los Angeles

LG freestanding cooktop and any that is a component in a range provide even heat and precision heat control. Radiant and conventional burners are available, but both are designed for optimal heat distribution and cooking flexibility. Keep your kitchen and home safe and sound! Contact LG Repair Los Angeles today at (800) 350-0224 for a same day repair appointment.


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