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EZ Appliance Repair Inc is dedicated to providing top notch heater repair in Los Angeles, service and repairs while bringing a polite approach in the direction of our clients and their homes. Our factory trained and state licensed technicians know how to treat our valued customers with respect and politeness, and we are always offer our help to ensure that clients never get left out when in need of service. We can assure you that you will be overwhelmed with our service! We perform service and repair on all brands and types and models. Our world class professionals will make sure to put our client in a comfort zone! We charge by the job, not by the hour, and will give you all of your options with your total cost before we start the work, so you can decide what is right for you. Before we perform any kind of service, our technician will correctly diagnose the unit, offer an estimated cost to complete the job, so our clients can decide what is best for them.

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Heaters require a yearly maintenance to keep up the top performance, uphold efficiency and guarantee safety. All heating systems need to be examined by a specialist every year to make sure that the given unit is performing safely and at its best working ability. EZ Appliance Repair Inc offers a routine maintenance check ups that include: chemical cleaning, fine-tuning and safety test that is provided on all jobs to ensure our client and maintain climax performance, safety and dependable process.

Listed Are A few Known Heater Break Downs:

  • Air ducts make noise
  • Leaking gas
  • Not enough heat
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Needs calibration
  • Built up dirt
  • Loosing voltage
  • Not blowing any hot air
  • Pilot will not flame on
  • Unit turns on and shuts off

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Is the furnace is broken beyond fixing? Our experts are able to install a new system rapidly to make certain utmost comfort in customers residence. Our technicians use most up-to-date tools so we can easily measure the correct perimeter and supply you with available options. If you would like to repair your heater because of safety or reliability concerns, we can help you with the best solving options, provide you with the top notch service and offer you our limited warranty for all finished jobs. Most of heating ducts are manufactured from metal, so they make sounds quite a lot from the hot air traveling your rooms. To eliminate the transmission of noises, we can insert elastic filling material in between the heater or furnace and the duct.

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Every season, clean out all spots located next to the blower. If possible, pull out the fan component, scrub each fan blade with a brush, and then vacuum with a wiping attachment on a vacuum cleaner. Check for all oil ports on the unit, regularly constructed next the motor shaft. If the unit has these spots, use 3 to 4 drops motor oil into each spot. (Removing a cover plate might be necessary to accomplish this process). Most motors are not required to have lubrication done, but units with oil ports are recommended to be lubricated at least once a year. Contact EZ Appliance Repair Inc heater repair today for same day service and save your nerves and save your unit from having even more serious problems in the future.

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