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To make all of our meal preparation easy we use garbage disposal on a regular basis. It works by grinding left over food and drains it with a flow of water. Another major duty of the garbage disposal is that, dishwasher left over bits also get chewed and drained away with the help of the unit. High quality garbage disposal is built to last for over a decade with the help of professionals at EZ Appliance Repair Inc garbage disposal repair in Los Angeles services. You will know when the unit will have a mechanical problem, usually as soon as a humming sound starts, a loud squeaky noise or a motor starts smoking. Whenever you encounter this time of a problem we recommend you to shut down the unit and turn off the sink. If the device will still be used you can experience a problem of a burned out motor. Also it is important to clean the unit on the regular basis.

Below Is Listed Usable Home Safety Tips List:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker that feeds electricity to the garbage disposal
  • Jammed Disposal
  • Does not drain or grind
  • Unit leaks makes noise or smokes
  • The device is clogged
  • Stuck and not moving
  • Unit not kicking on
  • Need regular maintenance

EZ Appliance Repair Inc Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Our friendly and experienced technicians have put together a great do-it-your-self instructions on how to solve regular issues with units. An easy to understand instruction manual is included at the time of purchase from retailers. First, it is recommended to turn off the unit and check with the user book. If no help is found in the passport, you can try checking under the sink and you will find a hex looking hole. Find a right wrench and attach it to the hole and force the wrench left and right and this action can free stuck objects in the garbage disposal. Some devices do not have a hex shaped hole. Don’t worry, find a long thin stick and force it down the garbage disposal and try to move the blade impellers to free the unit. Before doing such action make sure the unit is disconnected from electricity.

Expert Garbage Disposal Repair In Los Angeles by EZ Appliance Repair Inc

If something has been placed in the garbage disposal and it gets stuck, we strongly recommend to not forcing your fingers down the unit to free the blades. Just call for service at garbage disposal repair service department at EZ Appliance Repair Inc. The switch has to be turned off before forcing any kind of recovery objects. Never use hands to recover objects. Find tools such as pliers to pull materials that are stuck and not grinded. The easiest and the best suggested do it your self instruction on how to recover left over.

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Reviewer: Ken Stevenson

Professional work. Returned my calls promptly, excellent customer care. Technician replaced a motor on garbage disposer and was very friendly and honest. I will use Tom’s expertise anytime we need to work on our appliances!