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We all know how important it is to keep our homes warm. EZ Appliance Repair Inc is here to help our valuable clients with all unit related issues when a furnace repair in Los Angeles in needed fast. We are going to explain several tips for do it your self types of people. With the correct skill set and professional instructions a person with intermediate fixing skills can troubleshoot and find out what exactly makes the unit malfunction. If the pilot is on the fritz, gas will not travel into the burner. If that’s the issue, you can easily relight it. Find the gas control knob and switch it to “off” position. After doing this, keep tuning the knob to the “pilot” position, and try letting go the pilot reset button. As a final point, light up a match next to the pilot. If the functionality of the pilot is consistent, it will make it possible to return the gas knob back to its “on” setting. If you are not able to follow these instructions and still having a problem call our friendly customer service staff and ask any questions that you might have.

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You can also try cleaning the pilot light. From years of usage, the unit gets clogged with dirt. In order to proceed with cleaning the unit, it is very important to disconnect the power and gas to the furnace. A wait time is essential before getting started with actual cleaning. About 20-30 minutes has to go by in order for any unburned gas to clean away. Only now you can safely and correctly get to the cleaning part. Today different units are being built several socket types, which need to be unscrewed by 2 wrenches at the same time. Try removing the gas tube, thermocouple, after unhook them from the pilot housing. Use a special pilot light cleaning tool called jet tool, carefully wipe away and clean off all the dirty stock to the pilot jets. Having a bad luck? Contact EZ Appliance Repair Inc, after all we know how stressful and nerve racking do it your self-process is.

Some Known Furnace Problems Are Listed Below:

  • Gas Leak
  • Clogged filter
  • Pilot light wont stay lighten up
  • Malfunctioning thermocouple
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Unit produces no heat
  • Pilot light will not light up
  • No flame
  • Burned out fuse
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Hot air not reaching all the rooms
  • Keeps clicking
  • Leaky gas shut off valve

Furnace Repair Experts In Los Angeles

Experiencing any of the problems listed above? We strongly recommend contacting you local gas company in case of a gas-leaking furnace. After receiving a special report ticket with all the explanation notes, the gas company representative will instruct you to contact us to eliminate any unit related issues. Our technicians will arrive at you location on time and prepared. For client convenience our team has constructed a custom scheduling software. By making this process this much easier for all our valuable clients, we can always be there whenever and wherever the requested destination is. We carry all necessary equipment and factory replacement parts in our service vehicles when we are on a furnace repair service job. A big percent of jobs are completed during the initial visit. If we are not able to fix the broken unit the same day, we will order all needed parts and return to your household as quick as possible to return your unit back to its top performance ability. All promised work is guaranteed. No job is too small or too big for our experts.


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Prompt service. Technician was very polite knowledgeable and experienced. Had the part with him and was able to complete the furnace repair during the initial appointment!