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EZ Appliance Repair Inc, provides dishwasher repair in Los Angeles for all brand and model dishwashers. Although it is fine occasionally eat out and let restaurant personnel take care of cooking, serving, and cleaning for us, large percentage can’t afford to do so often. The least we can do for ourselves, is allow your self a small luxury of serving your meal with authentic silverware and glassware more willingly than plastic. It appears that beverages and food just don’t feel as tasty when using disposables. If we also count in the environmental harm caused by plastic, switching back to using our glass dishes and silverware becomes a priority choice.

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Washing all the dirty dishes is not an issue when dishwasher is in perfect working condition. Regularly scheduling regular maintenance for home or business appliances is the economical choice. Most likely you would not be browsing our dishwasher page if the unit would not be faulty. Please do not listen to any person who will try to convince you that current appliances are built poorly and will not to last for a very long time and are not worth a fix. There has been a good split of recalled units created over the past decade. Most dishwashers made by Asko, Viking, Kitchen Aid, Fisher & Paykel, Maytag, GE, Bosch, Whirlpool, Kenmore and other top manufacturers are made to run in perfect form for decades, if they are properly operated and maintained. Current dishwashers and rest of the kitchen appliances are more technical and sophisticated. On the other hand, it takes professional specialist like the team at dishwasher repair Pasadena to keep units in great working shape. Home improving is becoming highly demanding commerce, and the majority of the handymen listed in the phone book is not licensed, insured and lack the essential resources and knowledge to fix dishwashers.

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We are more then aware that our clients have more important things to spend money on than buying a new dishwasher. Our factory trained and state licensed technicians are able to fix faulty units for a portion of the price of a new appliance. We provide our service at the lowest cost and unbeatable repair quality. We only use manufacturer produced replacement parts that are backed by a limited factory warranty. No jobs are too small or too big for our company! Just tell us when and where and we will make sure to be there on time. For client convenience, customer satisfaction team can notify you ahead of time and calculate an estimated time of arrival. Estimates are always put in writing prior to starting a repair on all units. We only charge for the parts and labor which you consent to. No hassles, scams, or hidden fees!

We Provide Services That Are Efficient, Convenient And Affordable. Call Us Today And Schedule Your Same Day Appointment. Listed Below Are Several Examples Of Known Dishwasher Problems:

  • Leaking Water
  • Water Not being Drained All The Way
  • Water Hose Connection Problem
  • Loud Noise Or Strange Sounds
  • Does Not Change Cycles
  • Spots Remain On Dishes
  • Broken Or Faulty Racks
  • Door Issue (Jammed, Will Not Open, Will Not Close, Broken Hinges, Door Latch Etc)
  • Broken Soap Dispenser
  • Burning Smell
  • Electrical Problem
  • Display Touch Pad Faulty
  • Unit Turns On Then Off
  • Spray Arm Not Rotating
  • Foul Odors

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Need a dishwasher repair? Make that call quicker and we will fix your unit and have it up and running again in no time. Our pledge is top notch client service and integrity is the way EZ Appliance Repair Inc, became the top and only choice in appliance repair industry for Southland families and small business owners. Friendly customer service is standing by 24/7 to help out our clients, so please do not hesitate to call anytime as you need our expertise.

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Reviewer: Tim McGuire

When I realized that my dishwasher was clogged, I quickly hopped on my computer and searched for appliance repair company. I Found EZ Appliance Repair and made a service call. In thirty minutes Robert arrived at my property. He quickly brought his toolbox and proceeded with diagnosing my dishwasher. He was able to pin point the problem and informed me that my drain pump was faulty and had to be replaced. He offered me an estimate, which included all the fees. I was happy with the price and agreed to have my dishwasher repaired. Robert went outside to check his van for parts. He came back with the drain pump in his hands. He installed new part, tested the unit and found no further problems. I just want to let the community know that this company provides quick response time, reliable technicians and superior customer service!