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Refrigerator Repair Santa Clarita

Our company represents the answer for many San Clarita Residents when it comes to reliable appliance repair service for any type of refrigerators. We have found that in Santa Clarita area majority complains about the faulty appliances were about defrost drain system and we specialize at variety types of repairs. We are happy to know that Santa Clarita residents find our services very handy and we work hard to meet their expectations.

Washer Repair Santa Clarita

Many residents in Santa Clarita like to enjoy their weekends with loved ones and don’t like to wash their clothes by hand when their appliances failed them. Our company provides this opportunity to save time, money and energy by providing reliable help to all Santa Clarita residents for a very reasonable price. We fixed hundreds of washing machines before and we are ready to help you!

Dryer Repair Santa Clarita

Our company understands how frustrating it becomes to have faulty appliances in one’s homes and we provide top quality clothes dryer repair services to everyone in Santa Clarita. We specialize in residential and commercial dryer repairs and we have proper tools to identify the problem and resolve it and we learned many tricks about various dryer types and brands. Let us do the job for you and you are not going to br disappointed with the work we do!

Dishwasher Repair Santa Clarita

Whenever residents in Santa Clarita experience dishwasher problem, they always call our company for help. First we provide accurate estimates and quotes and we are never late for the appointment time. Second our technicians know how to approach dishwasher repair problems from the stand of their vast experience and ability to handle problems in a very professional manner and do necessary troubleshooting and sp0otting the problems as they appear.

Range/Stove Repair Santa Clarita

We are happy to know that many Santa Clarita residents call us for the help whenever their ranges and stoves failed them since we can provide trustworthy repair services. We have checked and replaced hundreds of switches, transformers, relays and thermostatic controls on electric and gas ranges and stoves and our clients know how good we are when they let us handle the repair business.

Oven Repair Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita residents enjoy beauty of their homes and tasty food, but there are times when their oven requires professional repair and they call our company for help. Our technicians are skilled and experienced with getting access to the faulty units and finding the problems. Also, we can order almost any type of repair part including control panels, valves and switches to repair any type of oven in a very professional way!

Santa Clarita Appliance Repair Service Experts (800) 350-0224

Whether you own a business or house, you want to keep thing running smoothly without any major distractions and interruptions. Appliance Repair Santa Clarita will help you to avoid these challenges and provide you with the reliable and trustworthy service. You will not find any better appliance repair company in Santa Clarita or Valencia where customer service will be listening to your specific needs and assist you with your repair on the individual level. Simply said, our company will blow away the competition and has been local appliance repair service provider for a great deal of time.

Reliable and Attentive Friendly Customer Service Team

Once you will contact Appliance Repair Santa Clarita to resolve your problem, you will notice several positive differences. Regardless what time of the day and what day of the week it is you will receive customer service help and you will speak with real person. Situation will have better chances of being resolved with a positive outcome once you speak with live person rather than pushing buttons and talking to voice-automated system. Our customer service personnel will provide you with knowledgeable answers regarding all common appliance problems in Santa Clarita area. There are times when our customer service representatives provided answers that helped to fix appliances without scheduling and booking an appointment and our clients were able to resolve repair problems by themselves. Once you will talk to our live customer service, you will never want to work with voice-automated answering system ever again.

Best Choice Santa Clarita Appliance Repair Company

Appliances always break unexpectedly at worst possible times like during holidays or when you have family visiting at your home or even worse, when you have busy schedule at your business. Appliance Repair Santa Clarita understands how difficult your life becomes once you have faulty appliance on your hands and wants to help you to overcome this problem together. This is why in Santa Clarita and neighboring Valencia, our company offers help to everyone 24 hours a day and seven days per week and you shouldn’t worry if your appliance breaks down during holidays. Just call us (800) 350-0224 and Appliance Repair Santa Clarita will help you. The company has experience of booking appointments to the time that is most convenient for you and our technicians show up on time to accommodate your appliance repair needs. Santa Clarita residents don’t have to take time off from work so they could hang out at home and wait for their technicians to show up at the door.

Same Day Santa Clarita Appliance Repair Professionals

The company works hard to make sure that they only book repair calls when it’s convenient for you schedule, and they will show up at the appointed time. Santa Clarita residents won’t have to take a day off work so they can sit around waiting to get their dryer or dishwasher repaired.

Unbeatable & Fair Prices

We at Appliance Repair Santa Clarita understand that times are tough and people have not recovered from the Recession and are entrenched into financial difficulties and instabilities. This is why, we have done everything we can to keep our clients happy and offer various forms of discounts: military discount, senior citizen discount and we do our best to accommodate needs and offer competitive deals to our new and existing clients.

Residential Santa Clarita Appliance Repair Technicians

Appliance Repair Santa Clarita makes best efforts to provide clients with estimates that are 10% less than any other estimate in Santa Clarita and Valencia area. Once our clients have estimate on their hands, it becomes easy for them to decide whether it should be better to proceed with repair and get all the parts that are need to accommodate the repair job or simply purchase brand new appliance (800) 350-0224.

Quality Appliance Repair Company in Santa Clarita

Just because we offer competitive prices, it shouldn’t lead you to believe that you will receive low quality work; that’s not case at all. For the last ten years, Appliance Repair Santa Clarita developed and protected its reputation by providing top quality work and minimizing errors and inconsistency to zero. The company hired the best technicians who carry a lot of work experience with them and know how to approach problematic appliance repairs. These technicians are factory trained and have extensive knowledge about residential and commercial grade appliances. Moreover, technicians are very detail-oriented and are driven with idea to fix appliances in single appointment and treat our clients with courtesy and respect. They one step further and educate customers about what they can do to prevent future breakdowns. Finally, our repairmen supply their work with skilled maintenance work and positive attitude.

Factory Parts & Manufactured Produced Replacement Components

Appliance Repair Santa Clarita always looks for proper way to handle repairs and utilizes the best factory made, original replacement parts. When you look inside of our appliance repair company’s trucks, you will see that they are fully stocked with new replacement parts. The only replacement parts we use are the original parts that run longer and are energy efficient. Many Santa Clarita residents do not realize how bad their appliances were managed and maintained until they talk to our technicians and see how they handle their repair work. (800) 350-0224

Act Rapidly & Save On Santa Clarita Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repair Santa Clarita strongly argues that residents and business owners need to seek appliance re-air help as soon as the suspect something is not working right. Majority of the known breakdowns begin as small issues which later evolve into bigger breakdowns. While your breakdown is not that major, act quickly to seek professional help for a reasonable price. Once parts begin to breakdown one after another, like a domino effect. Price of repair services increases accordingly as your monthly energy bills. Finally, majority of the problems could be avoided if residents and business owners do so preventive work and follow helpful hints and tips from our experienced customer service representatives and technicians.

We Fix Appliances in Santa Clarita Daily

Appliance Repair Santa Clarita knows that the odds are always great in favor of fixing appliances rather than getting new unit. When it comes finding the reliable appliance repair company, Many Santa Clarita residents have trusted us and combined all their repair needs with us including service call, appointment, repairs and follow-up maintenance if needed all in one service call (800) 350-0224. Our company has vast experience in fixing and maintaining the flowing appliances:

#1 Santa Clarita Appliance Repair Service Company Call Us (800) 350-0224

Please don’t be disappointed or discouraged if you don’t see your appliance type on the list. Appliance Repair Santa Clarita professionals know how to handle all kinds of appliances and they know sources where you can find additional help if needed. Our experts will provide you with the reliable technician who know and can fix all types of appliances.


  • Freezers
  • Ice Makers
  • Refrigerators
  • Wine Coolers
  • Water Heaters
  • Range Hoods
  • Ovens
  • Ranges

  • Cook-tops
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Heaters

  • Viking
  • DCS
  • Thermador
  • Miele
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Samsung
  • Frigidaire
  • Gaggenau

  • Asko
  • Maytag
  • Dacor
  • Bosch
  • Whirlpool
  • Jenn-Air
  • GE
  • LG

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators serve one major purpose: to preserve our food and make our life more comfortable. However, sometime they fail to function properly. Do you find yourself in this situation? If so, contact Refrigerator Repair Santa Clarita now!

Fix Your Refrigerator

Washer Repair

Is your washing machine failing you and you are running out options on what to wear to work? Do you think that your washer needs to get serviced? Gen in touch with professional from Washer Repair Santa Clarita and get it fixed in one visit!

Fix Your Washer

Dryer Repair

Did you use new laundry fabric softener and encountered new problems with your dryer? Do you think there is poor air flow in your dryer? Contact Dryer Repair Santa Clarita and get it diagnosed and fixed as you find it necessary.

Fix Your Dryer

Dishwasher Repair

Do you find your favorite dishes losing their color and fancy looks? Maybe, it is cause by malfunctioning dishwasher in your kitchen. Contact Dishwasher Repair Santa Clarita and have all of your questions answered by the professionals.

Fix Your Dishwasher

Stove Repair

Are you in danger of leaving your family and guest hungry due to the faulty stove in your kitchen? Success lies in the properly functioning stove. Contact Stove Repair Santa Clarita and get it repaired by someone who knows how to handle repair job.

Fix Your Stove

Oven Repair

Did you discover your oven in the faulty conditions where it fails to heat up properly? Do you find your food losing its taste? Contact Oven Repair Santa Clarita and get all problems solved in one single phone conversation today!

Fix Your Oven

Freezer Repair

If you find funny smell inside of your freezer or your inside of it looks discolored then get it checked by the licensed professional. Freezer Repair Santa Clarita will assist you to resolve these issues by getting all needed parts and diagnostics.

Fix Your Freezer

Ice Maker Repair

If you are annoyed by looking at discolored and funny tasting ice then probably you are better of contacting Ice Maker Repair Santa Clarita. Once you will get in touch with them, you will have access to professional help and will solve that issue.

Fix Your Ice Maker

Air Conditioner Repair

Do you notice that your air conditioner runs constantly? Have you noticed that air smells bad? All these questions will get answered after you contact Air Conditioner Repair Santa Clarita and will get technician to fix your appliance.

Fix Your Air Conditioner

Microwave Repair

Did you notice stem coming out from the door of your microwave? Did you notice error code message on the screen of your unit? Maybe, it is time for you to contact Microwave Repair Santa Clarita and get it calibrated and fixed today!

Fix Your Microwave

Cooktop Repair

Does your free standing cooktop create some problems that make your life inconvenient? If you encountered problems with your stove, get it checked and examined by Cooktop Repair Santa Clarita and receive discount on the repair.

Fix Your Cooktop

Range Repair

If you find yourself stressed out before weekend due to the malfunctioning range than you should not worry further? Simply contact Range Repair Santa Clarita and get it fixed and replace old parts in one appointment with technicians.

Fix Your Range

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Thank you EZ Appliance Repair Inc for such a quick responce. Since my refrigerator was repaired, it works wounderfully. I will recommend this company to everyone that I know.